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So Fly

The Groove

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Famous (Acoustic)

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Vocals & Guitar

Matt Mellen

Vocals & Guitar

Maci Hayes

Vocals & Guitar

Tyler Harris

Sax & Guitar

Brandon Brookshear

Guitar & Trombone

Brett Schall


Matas Olsauskas


Billy Binder


Dimitri Putney


Caitlynn Fox



Article by Sean Flack

A band’s name can have a myriad of meanings. Whereas one band might name itself after a particularly funny inside joke, another band might shrug and decide on something that sounds cool or would score chicks. Muncie-based band The Indigos is a different story. To them, their name is the key to the entire operation. It’s a philosophy, really. Add together the group’s theatrical performances, the endless positivity, and the eclecticism an 8-piece ensemble provides, and it becomes apparent why The Indigos are one of the area’s most interesting bands.

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Article by Ball State Daily News

Matt Mellen starts moving his body side to side with his arms bent in front of his face. He looks up, smiles and says, “The music we write is the music that gets people to do this -- getting into the groove." His band mate, Brandon Brookshear nods his head in silent agreement.

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The Indigos are an independent rock band from Muncie, Indiana. We believe in several core ideas. We believe performing our music for you, our fans, is the highest joy of what we do.

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